Comprehencive guide to setup s2s postbacks with Everflow

Requesting tech team to this thread. We spent 4 hours yesterday trying to figure out which params we should use for our tracking links, postback link, how to setup offers properly etc.

And still, we weren’t able to make it work for us.

Need help urgently.

So to send traffic to everflow offer you need to have:

  1. Custom tracking domain
  2. Offer source
  3. Offer
  4. You may also add LP as needed.
  5. Traffic channel
  6. Campaign

Step 1. Add Custom Tracking domain.
Step 2. Add Offer Source. Servers to consolidate all offers.
Step 3.
3.1 Add offer URL from Everflow. Important step - make sure you have sub2={clickid} as that is the default setting for Everflow as most often used. If you want to pass some other parameters to offer URL you can do it later
3.2 Add Postback to Eveflow to receive conversions back. Here is their guide: Getting Started - Partner Postbacks | Everflow Help Center
I can assume that you would have https://custom.tracking.domain/postback?clickid={replace}&sum={replace} . Based on discussed above and Everflow doc

  • clickid={sub2}
  • sum={sale_amount} or {amount}

Step 4. Add your landing page if needed

Step 5. Add and connect your traffic channel

Step 6. Create campaign with:

  • custom tracking domain
  • traffic channel
  • funnels containing one or several combinations of landing pages and offers. When you`ll save your campaign you will have either redirect link and tracking parameters. If you do no-redirect tracking. Gopy the script and add it to your landing page from step 4, replacing generic script.

And you can always request Setup Services

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[VladOliinyk] what other isues are you facing? Let me know

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So @Tech @Vlad_RT ,
Q1) we should be using sub2 only for clickid? Because we tried everything the same, but with sub1 to pass clickid parameter.

Q2) Do I need to have clickid param for traffic source? like on the screenshot:

Q3) Do I need to copy-paste my postback to offer source settings?

@Tech, can you check questions above?

  1. Yes
  2. For a traffic channel it’s a different parameter. In general: yes, there should also be some click identifier
  3. This postback is to be added to Everflow
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Edit: used _ to replace . in urls

Our Redtrack/Everflow setup looks like this:

Offer Source in Redtrack:
ClickId = {sub2}
Sum = {payout_amount}

Offer in Redtrack:
*You have to put your subid (sub2 above) in the link at the offer level. You can add other params too, but we only use sub2 which is reserved for clickids.

In Everflow, we put in the postback like this:
*trk_domain_com is our tracking domain in Redtrack. Notice the clickid and sum match with the Offer Source in Redtrack above.

We’ve only ever used sub2 because we used sub1 for something else a long time ago. but I imagine you can use any subid as long as it matches in the offer url and postback url.

I had a hard time setting it up too, but it was my own lack of understanding on how subids work. Our sales rep and onboarding person from RT helped a ton too.

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