How to start using RedTrack?

We know how difficult it may be to start using a completely new platform. That is why we have prepared a checklist :clipboard: with all the links you might need. Here we go!

  1. Add a custom tracking domain. Nowadays is a must. If you do not have one, it is quite easy to obtain it in any domain registrar. The SSL certificate is provided by REdTrack for free.
  2. Add/integrate your traffic channel
  3. Add the affiliate network you work with or your website/shop (the place where you run the traffic)
  4. Add the offer you are promoting or the link to your shop/website
  5. If you are using a landing page in your funnel, add it as well
  6. Create a tracking campaign: this way if you are promoting an affiliate offer and this way if the website/shop is yours (a combination of a landing page, offer and the traffic channel). This is an essential entity in tracking as all your clicks and conversions will be attributed to the campaign.

And you are done. This basic setup allows you to cover 80% of tracking scenarios.
Good luck!

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