My Affiliate Network/e-com store shows different conversions amount

There can be several reasons behind. Here we will talk about the most common.

Some basic things you need to check first

  • The custom tracking domain integration
  • Timezone - it should be the same in RedTrack and in your affiliate network/shop

If you work with an Affiliate Network

  • Make sure the conversion tracking (sending the conversion data back from the network) is set up. A clickid parameter (networkparam={clickid}) should be added to the offer URL and to the postback URL (clickid={networkparam})
  • If you are using a couple of different postbacks, make sure all of them contain the clickid value (and a conversion type identifier if needed)
  • Check your duplicate postback settings in the offer source settings and in the conversion types - they may block conversions with the same clickid which you don’t need
  • Check your conversion logs and compare them with the Affiliate Network logs (most of the networks provide this information) - there can be various errors. What you need to pay attention to is the postback URL they call on their side and the server response. The postback URL should contain our unique clickid and the server response should not show any errors
  • If you are not using the conversion types yet, consider the option of using different conversion types with separate duplicate postback settings for each. It may solve the duplicates being sent by the network but not shown in their reports
  • Make sure your network is not one of those who send the conversion data once a day or once in a couple of days

If you own an e-com shop

  • Check your unattributed traffic campaign and make sure the missing conversions do not fall under this campaign. If it is the case, you need to check the shop integration and scripts triggers if any
  • At the same time a high count of organic purchases is very likely to happen to: email campaigns, sms campaigns, abandoned cart campaign with Klaviyo, etc. Make sure your funnel is not the one that is ending up in organic purchases like that
  • If there are no conversions in the paid campaign at all, you need to check if you have added the tracking parameters to your traffic channel campaign
  • Make sure you have all the conversion types set correctly so they fall under the correct column you are checking
  • Check the duplicate postback settings as well. It might block duplicated conversion while you don’t need to (Tools - Conversion tracking - Conversion types)