My landing page leads me to the wrong offer

Sometimes you might face the traffic is being redirected from the landing page (with the /click CTA link used) to the wrong offer. What are the possible reasons for such behaviour?

If you work with redirects (a campaign link):

  • Filters applied on one of the funnels - in that case the traffic is being filtered and redirected to another funnel or on the fallback URL
  • CAP is set on the offer level and is already reached
  • Very obvious but make sure it is not the reason: the offer URL is incorrect (this can happen, some of you have hundreds of offers)

If you work with no-redirect method (script):

  • Filters and CAPs have to be checked - if wrongly applied, they can lead your visitor to the wrong page
  • The universal script cmpid parameter is wrong. Our universal tracking script allows you to use the same landing page for as many campaigns as you need but the cmpid parameter should be taken from the campaign you need to send the traffic to. Otherwise the script will redirect the visitor to the default campaign offer or to the offer from the wrong campaign