Shopify purchase/checkout discrepancy

Any kind of discrepancy is very annoying. What you can check and change in case something like this happens?

  1. Check once again if everything is set according to the guide we provide. If you are confused or hesitate, ask for advice.

  2. Make sure there is no traffic going directly to the checkout page. If the traffic goes directly to the checkout page, those conversions cannot be sent to RedTrack as they will not have the clickid in place. Consider an option to upload the missing conversions manually or changing the flow.

  3. Are you using any third-party plugin for the Checkout page? If RedTrack doesn’t support this plugin, inconsistencies will happen. In this case, ask if we are able to support this plugin.

  4. Are you using a mobile app to generate sales. This can be checked in the sales list on Shopify side - channel column. Check what channel is stated in the purchases without RedTrack clickid. If it is not an online store, the reason is the mobile app.

  5. Last but not the least. In RedTrack we catch and record 100% of conversions that have our clickid. So if none of the cases above is your case, check if the number of purchases for the organic campaign and paid campaign coincide. The simple human factor can play a role: for example, you have a jewellery shop with quite expensive nice things. In 90% of the cases, this kind of purchase will not be spontaneous. Most likely the customer will come back later and he or she can do this from a phone instead of the computer, from another browser, from a work laptop, etc. In that case, the purchase will be recognized as organic.
    It’s not that something works wrong, just the possible way to attribute all the conversions.